ROLL TARPON - by Chris Vecsey TIDE Magazine July/August 2021

Alabama doesn't spring to mind as a prime Tarpon destination, but maybe it should

When one thinks of a serious expedition after tarpon, destinations like the Florida Keys, the Everglades backcountry, and Homosassa come to mind. The sugar-white sands of Orange Beach rarely enter consideration but perhaps they should. The species and its usual haunts are marked on the bucket lists ... Read More

A Lot Left to Learn

NOAA’s insistence on converting state red snapper data into cryptocurrency is stretching credibility beyond the limits.

By Ted Venker CCA Conservation Director Trying to make sense of federal red snapper management in the Gulf of Mexico has often been a sore trial for recreational anglers, but now even the Gulf states are grappling with the ongoing absurdity. The long and twisted trail putting future red sna... Read More

Bureaucratic Glitch Threatens Snapper Season

Bureaucratic Glitch Threatens Snapper Season - By Kirk Patterson, Chairman - CCA Alabama Government Relations CommitteeSpring has arrived. Just a few more weeks of school before families fill boats and head out from ports across the Gulf of Mexico to fish and enjoy the warm weather and waters &helli... Read More